AX 210 Advanced Lightning Protection System for 130 mtr protection

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Model Number: LAP AX210

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Minimum Order Quantity: 5 68

Packaging Details: Export Standards

Delivery Time: 15 Days

Supplying Ability:

Active ESE early streamer emission air terminal SABO LIVA LAP AX-210 in accordance with latest NFC 17-102 2011 standard.

· Shaft GI/FRP/SS for raising air terminal minimum 3 m above the top of the structure to be protected

· Down conductor  25*2 mm copper strip

· Lightning counter of 6 digits IP65

· Test Link for disconnecting the down conductor and testing the earthing

· Earthing should be maintenance free tripod type of copper bonded steel rod


· Very high grade stainless steel material body, 1000mm long and 5 Kg nett weight with pointed tip

· Based on active early streamer emission principle and consists of ion generator

· Early streamer warning time of 82 MICROSECONDS

· Protection radius at 4 m height in Level IV area is 130 m

· METU electrical & electronics test report as per NFC 17-102 standard

· In each lightning conductor serial number, model no., CE mark, hologram & manufacturer name is available. Packed inside printed carton for each piece

· Every lightning conductor carry 30 years warranty. Certificate is issued from the manufacturer

· Internal last inspection report of manufacturer will be provided with every serial numbered lightning arrester, if required

· Sigma test report

· CE certification

· Designed as per NFC17-102 standard which meets all lightning conductor standards

· Suitable for all types of lightning discharges (negative, positive or lateral)

· No use of battery or power source is required

· Tested for 115 KA short circuit in HV test lab, triggering time and temperature -40 to +125 degree centigrade.\"image\"