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External Lightning Protection System

Planning, implementation, and monitoring of the protection measures is made easy by the lightning protection system manufacturers in China. The external lightning protection offered by us is par excellence and all the materials used are of topmost quality. The high-grade raw material is used in the manufacturing under the strictly followed quality check. External lightning protection system suppliers are striving to deliver only the best products to the customers.

The product has a counting range of 0 to 999999 with the discharge capacity of above 1 Ka. The external lightning protection products we provide has a working temperature of 300C to 800C. It is advisable to always install it about 1.5 meters above the ground/ eye level from the ground.

There is a high risk of corrosion, and that is why the material is selected carefully to avoid rusting as long as possible. The risk is even higher when different elements are joined; therefore, copper parts are no installed above the galvanized surfaces and aluminum parts. Every minute detail is monitored carefully to achieve remarkable results.

Lightning protection system manufacturers in China are leading the market by producing efficient systems in affordable prices and these high-tech systems then reach the countries all over the world through external lightning protection system suppliers. In the times of wide competition, only things that work for the business are quality, affordability, and proficiency which are at the core of our ideology.

Every year due to lightning strikes and surge voltages cause damage to the property or worse life. Failure of electronic devices cause financial loss, and it creates enormous inconvenience. The installation of the protection system depends on the latest standards. The cost of damage to the equipment mostly exceeds the amount required to install a protection system. 

Certain specialized components are required to install a protection system. Since lightning is natural and cannot be controlled by humans, it is wise to invest in the safety measures as soon as possible rather than wait for the tragedy to happen and then taking action. The lightning surge can reach 100 times the nominal voltage value, so it is better to be prepared against the odds.

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