Company Introduction


LIVA Group of Companies came into Existence In early 2000 only dealing in Construction and Electrical equipment But Later in 2003 Started their operations in Lightning protection systems by manufacturing lightning rods and Grounding systems. Factory located in Izmir Industrial state spread over a huge space of 3000 square meters. LIVA Group of companies came into existence from the year 2003 being a Major exporter of lightning Protection Systems and Lightning rods.

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LIVA group of Companies Leading Turkish Company engaged in manufacturing lightning rods, Crystal lightning rods, Thermo welding powder, Lightning Strike counter, Earthing clamps, Earthing resist test clamps, Conductor fixing equipment, Franklin Catch Equipment and Live security and Electrical systems. Apart from Lightning protection system Our Company also deals in wide range of Live Security Alarm systems which include Wired / Wireless Burglar alarm systems, Perimeter Security systems, Camera systems , video intercom system, Fire alarm system, Gas Detection systems , Door Automation systems and Telephone recording systems.

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LIVA Group being an ISO Certified company has been following all the Rules and Regulations as per Internationals Laws. LIVA group has several other certification other than ISO 9001 And 14001 Such As CE Certificate for European markets and GOST Certification for Russian markets. LIVA Group is also proud and privileged to be among the very few companies in Turkey which are Authorized and licensed agent of (TEAE) Turkey Atomic Energy Agency This Agency Works under Direct supervision with the Turkish Government and on Orders of the Prime minister for the peaceful utilization of Atomic Energy.


LIVA Group has turned out to be a Pioneer in Lightening rods in the Turkish Markets extending their Product lines to 7 Different lightning rods varying in specifications and Applications. LIVA Group Offers 30 Years of Guarantee with all of the Lightning rod it provides with Proper certifications. LIVA Group has been proved to be major exporter in the Asian and Middle East Markets Covering countries such as Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia. Due to the Certifications LIVA Group has emerged as a Strong player in The European Markets As well establishing a superior Brand image. 


Main Concern of Our Company is to Provide Safe and Peaceful lifestyle to Consumers and Individuals around the world by providing them with Latest light protection and Security system so People can secure their friends and family from any Threat. LIVA Group of Companies Goal is based upon Continuous Improvement and Innovation.